My Vision for Arizona

Reproductive Rights

Protect our rights and access to the full suite of healthcare options including abortion

  1. With Roe v. Wade overturned, it’s more important than ever to elect state-level champions for our reproductive rights
  2. Priya recently gave birth to her second child and has firsthand experience with the pregnancy process and its risks
  3. Priya is the ONLY candidate in this race endorsed by Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona, Arizona List, and Emily’s List

Read Priya’s op-ed on the importance of access to all healthcare options including abortion:

Public Education

As an educator, product of Tucson public schools, and mother of two, Priya wants to improve public education funding and opportunities for all children

  1. Increase teacher pay to improve teacher retention and recruitment
  2. Hire more teachers and support staff for lower teacher-student ratios
  3. Provide Universal School Meals for low-income children without stigma

Water Security

 Equitably solve Arizona water issues through conservation and efficiency

  1. Extend groundwater management coverage to more of the state
  2. Incentivize more efficient water use by agriculture and industry
  3. Make rainwater and greywater use more accessible and attainable for commercial and rental properties

Renewable Energy

 Make Arizona a renewable energy leader and address climate change

  1. Making solar panel installation more accessible for commercial and rental properties
  2. Work with Arizona Corporation Commission to accelerate the return on investment by solar customers
  3. Incentivize battery storage by consumers and utilities to improve distributed energy generation

NOTE: Priya is the ONLY candidate in this race who rejects money from utilities and fossil fuel companies.


Protect our Democracy

Strengthen our democracy and protect voting rights

  1. I would propose legislation to add Vote Centers across Arizona
  2. Restore and strengthen the Permanent Early Voter List (PEVL)
  3. Allow completed and sealed ballots to be collected by neighbors and friends for submission

NOTE: Priya is the ONLY candidate in this race who has led voter protection efforts and fought against gerrymandering

Read Priya’s op-ed on the legislature adding needless hurdles to voting rather than focusing on education and other pressing issues that face Arizonans: